Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Pizza

We made more pizza. I changed the recipe up a bit. I used half whole wheat flour to the dough and instead of making one doughy pizza I made two pizzas. I was trying to be healthy! :P

One Caprese and one steak and cheese coming right up.

First the Caprese

Caprese pizza
Here is the dough

Caprese pizza
Two of the three ingredients

Caprese pizza
The pesto

Caprese pizza
Pesto being spread

Caprese pizza
Sliced tomatoes on top

Caprese pizza
Isn't that pretty?

Caprese pizza
Layer the mozzarella

Now for the steak and cheese prep

Steak and Cheese pizza
Rolled out dough in a RECTANGLE!

Steak and Cheese pizza
The peppers and steak

Steak and Cheese pizza
Layer of yellow peppers and gresh ground pepper

Steak and Cheese pizza
With all the goodies on!

Now we bake the pizzas.
Pizzas baking
450 for twenty minutes.

Caprese Pizza with whole wheat crust
Golden Brown Deliciousness

Steak and Cheese Pizza
Beefy Golden Brown Deliciousness

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