Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fried Chicken

Yohboh is our resident fryer. I used to fry but I am more than happy to relinquish this duty to him. I hate when oil pops out and burns your skin. This recipe was a combination of the two of us working together, much like a marriage.

Fried Chicken
A few pounds of chicken (we used really large breasts and thighs)
Ice Cubes

Hot sauce

Cayenne Pepper
Baking Powder

A few hours before you start frying, soak the chicken in salt water in the refrigerator. It is better to do it overnight. This step is key. It will make your chicken very moist.

Get two bowls.

Combine the buttermilk and hot sauce in one bowl.

Combine the flour, salt, cayenne and baking powder in the other bowl. I use three pinches of baking powder.

Pat dry the chicken and dip in the flour mixture, then the buttermilk mixture then back in the flour.

Let stand for a minute to dry the crust.

Deep fry at 350 until it looks like this:

Fried Chicken


bakingforthecure said...

WOW! this picture made me want to eat it all! but, really, this recipe looks and sounds so great :)

Minjenah said...