Sunday, August 3, 2008


I had a roommate whose mother made the best gazpacho. It was the essence of summer in a bowl, or the way I like to eat it, glass.


It is the height of tomato season here and I will be probably making this 4 times before all our tomatoes are gone.

Gazpacho (I am not going to put measurements for this because it is really a composed salad)
Bell Pepper
Tomato Juice
Olive oil

Roughly chop your veggies and put all in blender. Do not puree, should be chunky. Taste add olive oil and vinegar until you like it. Refrigerate for an hour. Taste again, add salt, pepper more olive oil and vinegar if you like.

Makes a pitcherful.

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socitygal said...

Nice photo! Like the lemon in the back!