Saturday, August 16, 2008

Many Recipes for KC

KC (KC you should blog so I could link to you) chided me for not updating since Tuesday. So this is to make up for the lack of posts.

Raw Naked Tomatilloes

Clothed Tomatillo

Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo Salsa
I got the recipe from here
Instead of sugar, I used honey.

Fajita meat

Fajita Meat

The marinade for the meat is:
Lime Juice
Olive Oil
Jalepenos (The spell check on this word included penologist)

Marinade overnight.

This is a recipe but it is must be followed in order.
Chop one large onion. Put the juice of four limes on it and let it sit. The lime juice helps the onion be less acrid.
Chop cilantro. I use the stems and leaves. I finely chop the stems and loosely chop the leaves.
Four large avacadoes (the spell check wants to change it to desperadoes)
Mash the avacadoes with the rest of the ingredients by hand. Use a potato masher. It makes it nice and chunky. Add hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste. I like it a little hot but not too spicy.

Lime, thinly sliced
Sugar syrup
Soda water
Mash the shit out the mint and lime (we used a potato masher because you can make a pitcher). When you are done, add the sugar syrup and rum.
Fill a glass with ice and one part rum mixture to one part soda water. YUM.

Regular Salsa
Lime Juice
Garden Ripe tomatoes
Garlic, finely minced

Do the same thing you did with the onion in the guacamole recipe. Chop the tomatoes. Add the cilantro and garlic. Salt and pepper to taste. Put it in the fridge. Ignore it for a day in the fridge. Eat with chips.

I was also chided for not putting amounts. BUT I JUST DO IT BY FEEL SO I CAN'T! BE HAPPY I WRITE IT DOWN! :P

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