Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So Kia told me about Ichiban Kan. It is a place for cheap bentos and really cute bento accessories like:
Egg Shaper
What is this you ask? This is a hard boiled egg shaper. You put the egg in the center and it comes out looking like:
Bunny Eggs

I also got the teddy bear one:
Egg Shaper
It did not work as well:
Teddy Eggs
Teddy had no ears.

I also got a new snack bento:
New Bento
It says "My name is Rinda, I love the white cake and the sweet cherries. Yummy yummy."
For some reason, I think the bunny's name is Linda.

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KP said...

You may need a larger egg for the bear mold. Love all of your new accessories!