Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first bento

So I have been reading my friend Kia's bento blog and I wanted to make these ADORABLE things myself. So I did.

This is my first attempt:
My first Bento
This is mashed potatoes, broccoli, peaches and little bits of steak with matching yellow utensils.

Eating her bento
She really liked it.


KP said...

YAAAAY!!!! Looks great, Min! Where did you end up getting the box?
If you want, you can start posting on my site. Just let me know! LOVE IT!

Minjenah said...

I ordered from Ichiban Kan. There prices are very reasonable. But I have to say, these boxes are TINY!

KP said...

I know!!! That was my first impression when I first started. The proportions to follow are 3 parts grains, 1 part protein, 2 parts vegetables. That will generally fill even me up and I can EAT!