Friday, February 13, 2009

Popcorn the old school way


I was reading on Ruhlman about his popcorn and how he does it the old school way. And I got to thinking that I when I was a kid before we had an air popper or a microwave (the microwave had a dial), we used to make popcorn like this.

So I bought 2 pounds of popcorn (!!!) for 1.49 and took about four ounces and made it the old school way with oil and a pot and some serious shaking.

Did you know that the microwave stuff is about 33-67 cents a bag? Each bag is four ounces of unpopped corn give or take a bit. Four ounces of old school popcorn is 19 cents. And there were seven kernels unpopped. I am trying to be economical. Also, since I have had a kid I am trying to make sure the food we eat is not full of things that we should not be eating.

More importantly, it tastes a lot better. In the picture above I took cold butter and used a vegetable slicer to make some thin slices to put on the hot popcorn. That was successful. I also used Kosher salt because that is what I had on hand. Yohboh and I ate this standing up, before dinner.

DBW told me that KC uses cheese powder (From the blue box mac and cheese) to season her corn. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. As Ruhlman suggest, do this often--you will wonder why you ate it out of a microwave bag.

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Striker said...

Mmmm . . . already planned to have some today! I have a "popcorn pot" only used for popcorn. That's how the Strikers do it! We melt butter and add the Kraft macaroni powdered cheese and then drizzle it on. Delicious!