Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pizza Bubbles

I remember watching 60 minutes do a story about Domino's Pizza when I was a child. This story went about how important it was to have the exact same pizza in Michigan as in Toledo. One thing that was lambasted was the pizza bubble. There should NOT be pizza bubbles.

What is a pizza bubble?

Yohboh loves a pizza bubble. I have no idea how to control a pizza bubble but he was very happy by this one:


Dre' said...

Minjenah, I'm originally from New Jersey and a pizza isn't a pizza without a pizza bubble. That's when you know it's authentic not mass produced. On a business note, I'm also a PR representative who's also a foodie. I have some clients you might be interested in. Please let me know.

Minjenah said...

Dre, please contact me at