Sunday, January 31, 2010

My January Challenge

So for the month of January, I challenged myself to only buy one hundred dollars worth of groceries. I went over because of sales tax. Before tax it was $99.28. After sales tax is $101.25.

Things I have learned:
1) To eat cheaply, you eat a lot less meat. Normally, once a week or so, we have what I like to call "roast slab of beast". But for this month, we cut it out entirely.
2) We ate a lot less fresh vegetables. When we eat roast slab of beast, I always cook fresh veggies on the side. Normally a roasted vegetable and some sort of legume. But this month, the only fresh vegetable we ate was romaine lettuce.
3) What did we eat in January? Soups and casseroles were our mainstays for dinner. Yohboh and I eat dinner leftovers the next day for lunch. For the toddler, she eats a version of this porridge with organic yogurt every morning. I made a lot of homemade breads.
4) It is essential not to waste food. I have been known to throw away leftovers not because they have spoiled, but quite frankly I am sick of eating them. But this month, I tried really hard not to throw anything out if it could be consumed.
5) I have a REALLY well stocked pantry and freezer. So much so, that my February challenge will be to spend only 200 dollars in groceries. That way, we can have occasional roast slabs of beast.

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