Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Challenge

So for the month of February, I challenged myself to buy 200 dollars worth of groceries. I did not. I bought $211.92, $216.15 with tax. The extra money came from a really good deal on rib eye steaks which are Yohboh's favorite.

Many people are strong proponents of weekly meal planning for optimizing your grocery budget. I do not feel this works for my family. I am more the night before, while cleaning up the kitchen, meal planning. This works better for me because I can see if there is something that needs to be cooked soon, or if the weather reflects a change in menu or if I am going to cook something with a little prep (like dried beans).

I also have a really well stocked pantry. So instead of shopping at the grocery store, I shop my pantry. I only buy items to restock my pantry, not to make meals. I do not buy items specifically for a meal. For example, I made chili but did not have any beans. I did not do a grocery store run for beans. I just made chili without beans. The next time I see a great sale on canned beans (50 cents a can or less), I may stock up but lately I have been thinking that if I made my own dried beans into canned beans it would be much more economical.

So to give you an idea what $216.15 looks like in the Beef and Chocolate world here is what I bought this month:
2.5 pounds Rib Eye Steaks
8 Yoplait Yo Plus Yogurts 4 packs
2 loaves Pepperidge Farm Bread
2 Immaculate Sugar Cookie Dough readybake
4 jars Pace Salsa
2 32 ounce packages Velveeta
8 bottles Frank's Hot Sauce
8 cans Rotel
3 bunches scallions
4 bags Eight O'clock Coffee
1 Pound of Brussel Sprouts
2 bags Goldfish
2 pounds chicken wings
2 pounds chicken drumsticks
2.5 pounds ground beef
16 ounces mushrooms
1 head romaine lettuce
2 pounds carrots
2 heads of celery
11 pounds Smithfield Bacon Thick Cut
2 32 ounce cartons College Inn Chicken Broth
8 limes
1 bunch of beets
1 red bell pepper
2.03 pounds green cabbage
1 package assorted gummi candies from Japan
36 Wonton Wrappers
1 package Ramen
2 bunches cilantro
fresh ginger
1 pound fruit slices candy
1 pound spice drops candy
1 pint Haagen Daaz Strawberry Sorbet
1 pint Haagen Daaz Strawberry Ice Cream
4 pounds Italian Sausage
2 pounds grape tomatoes
3 pounds of bananas
2 pounds of mozzarella
1 pound of sliced mushrooms
1.5 pounds of sweet red peppers
1 Pound ground turkey
11 Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doubles
4 tubs Betty Crocker frosting
1 pound ricotta
20 Egg Roll wrappers
4.5 pounds ground beef
10 bags Bird's Eye Steamfresh frozen vegetables
2 boxes Betty Crocker cake mix
1 loaf Arnold's high fiber bread
5 pound bag whole wheat flour
1 box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
2 pounds Kroger pinto beans
4 bags Wise Cheese Doodles
2 28 ounce jars Peter Pan Peanut butter
3 500ml bottles of Crisco Olive Oil
2 cans Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
2 jars Polander All Fruit Spread
8.02 pounds of chicken thighs
2 pounds ground chicken
3 8 ounce packages Hillshire Farm lunchmeat
4 Quarts Progresso Chicken broth
2 pounds Stonyfield yogurt
18 eggs
1 pound salmon
1 Acorn Squash
2 green Bell Pepper
4 Rib Eye steaks 2.41 pounds

Bear in mind that this is a list of me replenishing my pantry. My pantry is very well stocked. I fed my family of three on meals from this list and what was in the pantry. This is all breakfasts, lunch and dinners. I had people over to eat dinner with us about once a week. We also ate dinner out a few times this month. I also made three cakes from this list. Two were princess cakes and one was a pound cake.

1) The bulk of my grocery budget went to meat. I spent $87.27.
2) The amount spent on restocking the pantry was $36.46.
3) The remainder went to dairy, fresh veggies and fruit.


KP said...

I love your challenges. I wish I were a more disciplined shopper.

Minjenah said...

Me too! I have failed both challenges.