Friday, February 12, 2010

Princess Cake

So I took the toddler to a cake store. She really liked it. She found a display cake that was a princess cake. She said, "Look at that cake, Mommy. That cake is beautiful." So being the overachieveing mommy that I am, I present to you:


When the toddler gets up, we will decorate it together. With lots and lots of candies.

To make this cake, I did a double batch of cake (next time I will do a triple batch) and a triple batch of icing. And I used Duncan Hines cake mix. Because it is 1 AM on a week night. And I baked a princess cake for my little girl.


KP said...

Awww, what a good mommy you are!! Mmmmm, cake!!!

southernbbq said...

That is a lovely cake - you are a great mom as your awesome kid is a testament !