Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

3/23/10 Addendum
A reader warned me about storing whole cloves of garlic in olive oil will cause botulism. Here is a link from the Univeristy of California at Davis. The warning specifically is for keeping garlic cloves in oil at room temperature. I have always kept mine in the fridge. And no one I have ever served this oil to has had botulism. But do this at your own risk.

Who knew a food blog would be so dangerous?

I love to read cookbooks. It is a relaxing thing for me to do right before bed. I will admit there are times after reading a particularly yummy thing I do get hungry.

I was reading a Nigella Lawson cookbook where she mentions garlic infused olive oil. Doesn't that sound wonderful? So I looked up where to buy it. And then decided to make my own. How hard could it be?

What you need:

Garlic and olive oil.

Put the garlic in a pan.

Cover it with a layer of olive oil.

Put it on the stove and let simmer until it is done. How do you know what done is?
When you pull out a clove:

Mash it with a fork and it looks like this.

Here is the end result:

What to do with it?

I like it on pizza, pasta, calzones, garlic bread. Anything really. I brush it on old pita bread to make pita chips. I keep it in the fridge until I run out and then make more. The cloves are really soft and mushy and an excellent addition to hummus or anything else where you do want the taste of garlic but not the punch of raw garlic.


f said...

I'm a fellow cookbook addict and LOVE reading them before bed too!

I'm Spiceaholic, by the way. For some reason there's no option for name/url.

jwsobeck said...

good stuff. just a comment - when I do this on my electric stove, I found that even on the lowest setting, I was cooking at too high of heat. My stove has one of those "warming stations" that can get even lower, and I find that works best. When there are just a small amount of bubbles rising to the surface, I get the best results (i.e. garlic doesn't burn at all)

Minjenah said...

Thanks Spiceaholic. I enjoy your blog.

Jwsobeck, good tip.