Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet Tea


Sweet tea is a Southern thing. I have ordered it in other regions of the country and they make hot tea, pour it over ice and give you sugar packets. That is not the Southern sweet tea way. If you use the sugar packets and mix it in to the ice and tea, then your tea will have sugar crystals at the bottom and will never be sweet enough.

What you do is either make a simple syrup or add the sugar to the hot tea so that it is completely dissolved. I do the latter because it is easier. And I am all about doing things the easy way. I will not bore anyone with a recipe, because my idea of sweet may be your idea of diabetes. Or vice versa. So here is my advice: brew tea, sweeten it how you like it, pour over ice and enjoy.

One of the worst creations in history is the powdered drink mix that is considered iced tea. Ewwww!

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