Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting The Good Stuff

My mother is a master orderer at restaurants, especially Asian ones. She always knows what is the best stuff and she likes to order a lot. This is our lunch from today from the Golden Buddha. My mom did ALL the ordering.

This is called the Combination Cold Plate. Isn't it lovely?
It is a salad with shrimp, eggs, pork, cucumber, carrots, mushroom and jellyfish tossed with flat wide sweet potato noodles in a hot Chinese mustard.

This is Yohboh's favorite: Hot Empress Chicken
It is butterflied chicken wings in a hot sweet sauce of garlic, ginger and chilies.

This is clear Sweet and Sour Pork.
It is the sweet and sour pork made famous by mall food but without the pineapples, cherries, corn syrup and ketchup (yes they really put all that in sweet and sour pork). This is much more tangy and less cloyingly sweet. You can actually taste the pork.

This is Combination Seafood:
This is shrimp, scallops, sea cucumber, squid and various veggies in a oyster sauce.

This is Sauteed Strip Seafood:
It is shrimp, scallops, bits of pork with bamboo shoots and woodear mushrooms.

Yeah, food-it runs in the family.

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KP said...

Your making me hungry!! Everything looks so good!