Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomato Plants The Non Heirloom Series

The whole point of vegetable gardens is a garden grown tomato. Pat Conroy describes it as one of the single culinary joys he has ever known. Yohboh has been known to put tomatoes in a bowl, salt them eat all the tomatoes and then drink the tomato water. I like to make my favorite pasta EVERY DAY for lunch when we have tomatoes. I also like a tomato sandwich and garden salsa.

Last year we had 27 tomato plants. About half of them were successful because one of our friends put some of his tomatoes in the ground and staked them. This did not work and there were rotten tomatoes everywhere. So this year, we put every tomato plant in a cage. Here are two of our three rows. I can't think of anything prettier.

There are Romas, Rutgers, Cherry, Grape, Early Girls, Best Boys, Celebrity. All from those 1.68 four packs (why did they stop selling 9 packs?) from Wal Mart.


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