Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ice Cream Thoughts

I have been consuming a lot of ice cream in this heat. 2011 is the Summer of Ice Cream.

Mayfield Ice Cream is soft. No matter how cold it is. It is like soft whipped cream. When it melts, the texture is very similar to how it is frozen. My favorite is plain vanilla and butter pecan.

Ben and Jerry's is HARD and rich. I actually like to mix a bit of milk in it because it is so dense. You cannot eat a lot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I like the chunks in Late Night Snack. It has chocolate covered potato chips. Yohboh really liked the peanut brittle flavor. So much so that I did not get a taste.

Breyers is in between the two above. I like the Reese's peanut butter. Yohboh likes the Heath.

I like the Magnum ice cream bars. They are very rich. They are really good with hot coffee.

A few weeks ago, I became obsessed with push ups. Do you remember the orange push up? It took me a week to find them and they are currently my four year old's favorite.

Also I am really liking rainbow sherbet with 7Up. Who was the clever home economist who came up with this concoction? Rainbow sherbet is also really good with ginger ale.

Ice cream is an excellent way to keep cool.

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KP said...

Mint chip is my favorite ice cream, but Pinkberry (original and pomegranate) is my absolute favorite frozen dessert! The one next to me closed so I drive an hour with and ice chest and fill up with their half gallon size containers:) The two containers lasted about a week. Next trip, I'll buy three!