Saturday, August 13, 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherokee Green Tomatoes, Valencia Tomatoes, German Queen Tomatoes, Great White Tomato


chefhelen said...

I don't understand how you can be the only one that I know who is managing to grow tomatoes under these ungodly weather conditions. I am green with envy and wish I had not only your tomatoes (or at least some of them!) and/or your green thumb. I have managed to get exactly ZERO from mine. Cucumbers and herbs are doing well, but no tomatoes.
Good for you! Keep up the great work!

Minjenah said...

Where are you? I am in the Southeast, Zone 7b to be exact.

One thing we did this year is put some newspaper around each tomato plant and wheat straw on top. It helps keep the moisture in.

Also we bought two truckloads of compost in the fall and winter. That helped a LOT.

Yohboh said...

Also, we're not organic and have the magic power of science to assist us in eradicating pests and fungus.

I have watered twice a week at most.


chefhelen said...

I live in North AL during the week and then ATL on the weekends. The plants are in Alabama. The heat here has just taken it's toll on all of our tomatoes this year. I think I'm just going to give up on trying to grow tomatoes. I have a best friend who's giving me a bunch of hers tomorrow. I just need to keep her happy so that she will share!
I went down to the farmers' market here in North AL yesterday and even they didn't have that many tomatoes. I was hoping to find a big box of culls that I could use for canning but no one wanted to sell any for less than $1.50/lb and that's too expensive to can with. I just don't think that the tomatoes here are doing well and I know that one of the farm stands that we pass on the way to ATL every weekend hasn't had any of their own tomatoes in months. I think you and my friend must have "the touch" when it comes to tomatoes!

Minjenah said...

As Yohboh mentioned, we are not getting as big tomatoes as we did a few weeks ago. The lack of rain is really hurting us. Our cucumbers are gone and we have lost our zucchini and peppers due to pests. Also we have 31 tomato plants.