Sunday, August 21, 2011

If you come to my house

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I will give you as many veggies you want.

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chefhelen said...

If you are close to Atlanta I may come meet you this weekend if you are serious!

I *love* fresh veggies! My friend that I was telling you about has (get this!) only THREE plants (1 box car Willie, 1 black krim and one cherokee black) and she brought me a dozen tomatoes last Thursday. I'm down to 2 today and I had already bought 6 before she gave the dozen to me. My hub and I LOVE fresh tomatoes!

Tonight I made salsa with 2 of the black krims and a few of the jalapenos that she gave me. I made guacamole (used another 2 box car Willies) and we had fish tacos for dinner. It was yummy and the tomatoes are what made it so good!

Have an awesome day!