Friday, January 13, 2012

Kid Lunch

I forgot to mention for my grocery challenge that I pack kidlet's lunch every day for Pre K.

Here is a typical one:


Strawberries, baby carrots, cheese crackers and grapes. There is also a Hello Kitty marshmallow involved. All this is in my well stocked fridge.


chefhelen said...

This is why folks think that you are mistreating your child! Ohmygod! Grapes instead of cupcakes, carrots instead of cheeze doodles and strawberries instead of jelly beans. What can I say about the cheese crackers, I love them too!
I pack hub's breakfast and lunch every day and I'm certain his coworkers think that he's abused also. A cup of kefir, homemade granola (no fat aside from the almonds and no sugar), a grapefruit cut into segments so that he can eat it with a spoon, some other fruit (last week it was a Santa Claus melon from BHFM) and some homemade soup for lunch (vegetable beef, split pea, chili or brunswick stew this past week).
Yes, your family and mine are truly abused. Everyone should be so abused!

Minjenah said...

Thanks Helen.