Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bananas Foster

Kidlet and I like to watch The Chew. I really like Carla. Anyhoo, a few days ago, Carla made Bananas Foster. Kidlet asked if we could have it. And since we actually had everything on hand, we did.


Banana's Foster

2T Butter
2 T Brown Sugar
Handful of pecans
Shot of rum
1 under ripe banana, sliced in half
Vanilla Ice Cream

Melt the butter in a skillet with the brown sugar until it besome a syrup. Add the pecans and let them toast in the buttery sugary goodness. Add some rum. Set it aflame if you like (kidlet liked this part). Add the bananas and let them get coated in the buttery sugary goodness.

Put into a bowl and serve with vanilla ice cream.

This fed two adults and one five year old.

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