Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Thoughts the Unrelated Edition

I miss garden grown tomatoes in my sandwiches, in my life really. During this last summer I ate seven baseball sized tomatoes a day. I have not bought a real tomato ever since. I mean, I buy grape tomatoes but they are not the same as the ones that I put on a BLT.

This whole Paula Deen business is irritating. Yes she has type 2 diabetes. She should start exercising and not pushing drugs. But there are a LOT more male chefs than female chefs who are obese. And have you ever looked at the recipe for Beurre Blanc? There is one cup of butter in the recipe and it makes one cup of sauce. So the sauce is butter. Also real southern food to me means farm to table cooking. Yes there is fried chicken but also butter beans, collard greens, tomatoes, and fresh salads bright with vinegar. So eating Southern cooking does not give you diabetes. Eating too much does.

The Superbowl is all marketing people telling you to get together to watch a boring game and eat an alarming amount of junk food. I guess you could have crudite but who really eats that when there are nachos dripping in cheese or chicken wings? It's not about family like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It's about passively watching a bunch of athletes while snarfing down something deep fried.

This season of Top Chef kinda stinks. I really enjoyed last season's Top Chef All Stars. Everyone on that show had a personality. On this season, it has been BORING. Also, it was sad to see that mean girls never grow up.

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chefhelen said...

Mean girls never change. It's sad but very true. The trick is to be able to spot them and not get sucked into their world.

I say that we toast to the great girls/women in the world and try to ignore the rest!