Saturday, April 28, 2012

Banana Pudding


Yohboh is a good Southern boy and he loves banana pudding. My brother in law likes it a lot as well and he is from Wisconsin. Perhaps all men love banana pudding?

I think the secret to perfect banana pudding is the bananas have to be perfectly ripe and sliced the same width as the Nilla wafers. Honestly, I do not think this tub of yumminess requires a recipe.

It is 2 cups vanilla pudding, three perfectly ripe bananas sliced the same width as Nilla Wafers and a third of a box of Nilla wafers. Layer them in the order I listed  so there are three layers and put some whipped cream on top. I cheated and used instant pudding. It is good. So good it only lasted 36 hours in our house.

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