Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Over processed food

Last night, yohboh and I went to dinner.  I wanted some seafood and wanted to go a step up from Red Lobster.  So we went to a fancy seafood place, the kind that costs at least a hundred dollars for dinner for two.

In my every day diet, I do not eat too much processed stuff.  I mean, I sneak a cookie (love Pepperidge Farm) but in my every day existence I do not eat a lot of stuff that comes out of boxes.

Everything at the restaurant was too something.  The shrimp was too overcooked.  The meal was too salty and too buttery.  The drinks, sauces and dessert were too sweet.  And I was so thirsty afterwards from all the crap in it that I drank twice as much water as I normally would at night.

You know what the best part of the meal was?  The bread and butter.  And we found a HAIR in the butter.

I do not think that I am an elitist food snob, but really when I eat a meal, I should not feel like crap the next day like I have been drinking.

I should have gone to Red Lobster.  It would have been a step up.

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