Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What we eat

I get email asking what we eat during a hundred dollar grocery challenge.


White pizza.


chefhelen said...

I think that one of the main reasons that you (and I, to a lesser extent) don't have a hard time with this challenge is that we are able to really COOK. One of the thing that I have noticed is that if you can make bread (pizza crust, etc) you can save some serious cash. I mean, honestly, why should it cost $3.89 for 8 French hamburger buns at Publix? I make 7 8inch French rolls with #2 of bread flour, a bit of yeast, salt, water and an oven. If it costs $2 for #5 of flour then it costs me 14 cents a loaf for the ingredients. It also takes less than 20 minutes of hands on time. I'm sure that you see the same thing when you make pizza dough!

Minjenah said...

I agree Helen. It is not that hard to do this challenge.

But it is a good thing for me to do because it makes me look in the pantry and freezer to cook things.

Like you, I love a bargain. Historically, January never really has great bargains for me so it is a great time for me to use up some of the more indulgent items that I bought last month for the holidays.

Pizza dough costs me 75 cents to make four pizzas. I buy the yeast in bulk at Sam's Club so I use less than a penny's worth. I like to use organic whole wheat flour and organic regular flour. The toppings are all leftovers from the fridge.