Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pork six ways

I think one of the ways to really save money is to stretch your proteins out.

For example Sunday of last week I made a five pound pork loin.  I also made a pound of dried cranberry beans and some rice.  No, I did not expect us to eat all that food at once but I made the rest of the week's meals with that pork loin.

Here was my menu for that week:

Sunday - Pork Loin roasted with thyme, oregano and garlic, rice and beans and a cucumber tomato and onion salad.
Monday - Pork tacos with rice and beans on the side
Tuesday - Cubans made with roast pork, sliced ham, swiss cheese, cucumber tomato and onion salad
Wednesday - Hot and Sour Soup, Kimchi Fried Rice
Thursday - Ramen noodle bowls with leftover sliced pork
Friday - Cubans again because they were really good.
Chuy ate rice and beans every day for lunch.

What is great about this way of eating is that it lends itself to any kind of protein.

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