Friday, July 26, 2013


This article about hunger in America is infuriating.  And horrifying.  A nine month old drinking Mountain Dew? The first comment said it best:

Too bad a large segment of our population only cares about kids before they are born. After they are born the are just parasites stealing from people by accepting tax dollars and come from parents who "shouldn't have kids if they can't afford them."

That kind of logic could be laughable if the situation wasn't so dire. Banks get bailouts they laugh about, big oil gets tax breaks and the people go hungry. What happened to America? Have our priorities always been this screwed up or was I just blinded growing up by the main stream media always talking about the land of the free and home of the brave.

I do not begrudge any child getting healthy and nutritious food.  But looking at my kid's school lunch schedule I am surprised at how fast food like it is.  Corn dogs, burgers, chips  and pizza are one the menu regularly.  

I will continue to pack her lunch for this year.  

And really, begrudging the hungry in our country when they are children who have no control seems a very penny wise pound foolish predicament.


chefhelen said...

I wish everyone were as concerned about their children's food as you are. So many parents today think that the drive thru is a viable option and that cooking at home is impossible. I have no children, but I make my husband's breakfast and lunch every day and most dinners also. Why fill your family full of cheap, processed crap when it's just so easy to give them healthy food?

Minjenah said...

The thing that depressed me was the fact that in the article the 12 year old did not know how to prepare food for her siblings. My oldest makes a snack for herself as well as her sister almost daily.