Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baking Chocolate Rant

I used to be able to buy the eight ounce unsweetened baking chocolate for about $3.29.  It is good for two sets of brownies or cakes.  But now, Baker's only sells a four ounce bar for $2.99.  Or at least they do in the four large grocery stores in my area.

So to the large multi national corporation Kraft, I say this:


I know that there are "premium" bars of things like Dagoba, Sharffenberger and Vahlrona.  And they can charge a premium because they are a pain in the ass to spell and they must be fancy.  But sometimes, I want to make brownies.  They do not have to be fancy but they need to taste like real brownies, not chemical brown stuff.  And I like the cheaper chocolate for that.

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