Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Riverview Farms Meat CSA

I wanted to try the Riverview Farms meat CSA for a while.


Well I am curious to see if there is a huge difference in the taste of ethically raised meat.

And the idea of buying directly from farmers appeals.

And I want to be a hipster foodie.

So I ordered ten pounds of  meat as well as the charcuterie package, because well I am a sucker for charcuterie.  Processed meats make Minjenah a happy happy girl.

I awaited the pick up date anxiously.  It was a similar anticipation to Christmas morning.

This is what I got in the ten pounds of meat:


Three pounds of ground beef
Two pounds of pork sausage
2 and a half pounds of pork shoulder
2 and a half pounds of pork chops

The charcuterie came with this:

Some Braunschweiger
Ham and
Smoked Trout

I will taste and tell if it is as good as I hope.

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