Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chili Mac

Why have I never made this before?  


It is quite good.  The finely chopped onions are the key for textural contrast.  


chefhelen said...

This is so funny! Last night I also made "macaroni". My hub grew up in the Netherlands and years ago I asked hi what his favorite dishes were so that I could make them for him. Well, the first one was split pea soup and I think that's why he married me. The macaroni dish took me awhile to figure out. To an American macaroni means noodles, it's not really a dish unto itself. It took a few years but I thought I finally figured it out. It's what we (older) USian's had from our grade school cafeterias! I keep little tail ends of veggies (lots of colored pepper tops, green onions, squash, etc) in the freezer and when I have about 2-3 cups I sauté all of that along with quite a bit of onion until it dries out a bit (since the veggies were frozen they will purge a LOT of water) then I add either lean ground beef, chicken, turkey or pork (or a mix, all cooked and drained of grease). I then add a 32oz jar of spaghetti sauce (I have one more jar from last year, then I have to switch to grocery store suff). I add about 2 1/2 to 3 servings of macaroni that I've cooked for about 4 minutes, stir. Turn this out into a baking dish and cook at 350 degrees for about an hour. When it comes. Out I add a handful of cheese onto the top and let it melt. I think I could make it once every week and the hub wouldn't get tired of it!

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