Sunday, January 5, 2014

True Squash Confessions

So I still have an obscene amount of squash, so I roast it off and put it in anything and everything I cook.


This includes chili mac.

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chefhelen said...

In our house chili mac is a catch all dish that is typically my refrigerator/freezer cleaner. Bits and pieces of a lot of things end up in it and the hub doesn't whine about having to eat his veggies. He doesn't realize that for each pound of meat there is a pound and a half (at least) of minced up veggies. We both love the stuff but since we're doing the low carb shuffle for the new year, I'm going to have to experiment with using either shirizaki noodles or spaghetti squash. The noodles are great as just noodles (albeit a bit bouncy) but I don't know how they will hold up to being cooked in casserole for an hour. I guess I'll find out.