Friday, May 23, 2014

Jerk Chicken


These are chicken thighs I marinaded in jerk chicken marinade.  I was watching Nigella Lawson make some marinade and thought I could do that.  So I did.  I did not follow Nigella's recipe because I had other stuff in mind.  Yohboh also grilled them beautifully.

This is what I put in the marinade

Brown Sugar
Soy Sauce
Dark Rum
Scotch Bonnet Peppers
Juice of two lemons and then the lemons themselves.

I put this all in the blender and pureed it.  I made yohboh taste it because I am getting old and spicy food can make me unhappy the next day.  He approved and said it was not even hot.  I did not believe him because my eyes were watering from the peppers.

I poured this over 16 chicken thighs in a plastic bag and put it in the bottom of the fridge for a few days.  It took two bags.  I like to use a bread bag, tie it in a knot, then put it in a plastic tub and put a lid on it.  Then when yohboh grills it, it comes directly out of the plastic bag and onto the grill.  Yohboh grilled these with charcoal.

Were they spicy?

Yes but the long slow marinade made them pleasant.  It was a bit spicy on the lips but not adrenaline rushingly so.

I served this with beans and rice and a cucumber tomato onion salad with dill.

It was yummy.

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