Friday, February 19, 2016

Strawberry Cake

My oldest turned nine last week.   I am the kind of mom who makes a birthday cake.  I do not judge if you order one for a birthday.  But for me, it is important that I make the cake.

So kidlet asked for a strawberry cake.  I have made Trisha Yearwood's cake in the past and it was good but I wanted more of a real strawberry flavor and maybe less sweetness.


So I took the famous Gâteau au Yaourt, doubled it, put buttermilk instead of yogurt and added pulverized freeze dried strawberries and some strawberry puree.

The frosting is the classic cream cheese frosting with pulverized freeze dried strawberries.

I put a layer of chocolate ganache on top and served it with whipped cream.

It was well received.

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