Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hello Fresh Review

I got a few meals from Hello Fresh and I thought I would tell you what it was like.

It seems like the subscription meal services are all the rage now.   I find this fascinating because I do my own meal planning for our family which includes lunches and breakfasts and dinners and sometimes I get bored with what I make.  I thought maybe I could get a few ideas from this box.  I got three meals for two people which easily stretched to my family of four because I added garden grown vegetables.

The box arrived on Monday in a cardboard box with two thick pads of insulation as well as some freezer packs to keep the meat cold.  The meat was actually layered between the two freezer packs so I had no concerns about spoilage.

The first one I made was Honey Roasted Salmon with Asparagus and Israeli Couscous.  I added zucchini and tomatoes because I did.

This was my plate:


It was fine.  The kids did not like it but that is not about the food, they did not like the big couscous because it was different.

What I did not like was the fact it required me to turn my oven on.   It is still on average above 90 degrees here in the ATL and I hate making my house hot and then paying to cool it.  Also when I cook a meal, I like to use as little cooking pots as possible.  I would have liked this meal more if all the components were made in the oven but I had to stand over a stove top to make the couscous.  Also who eats asparagus in late summer?  Asparagus is a springtime vegetable.

But the salmon was fresh and I cooked it very well.  Hello Fresh sent me a little jar of honey and a little jar of mustard which I did not use.  I ended up using my own honey, which was fresh honey from a hive nearby and my own mustard.

I would rate this as a seven out of ten.

The second meal was Mole Spiced Steak Tacos.


This was what added


I should also add that the avocado was mine.  There was cheese, tomatoes and tortillas.

The kids liked it but we have tacos once a week.  The corn salsa was good.  There was enough leftovers that Yohboh had enough for lunch the next day.

I would rate this nine out of ten.

The final meal was Crispy Parmesan Chicken Salad.


I added the tomatoes.

Also the recipe was annoying because it made me turn on the oven to cook the potatoes for 25 minutes and I did not want to do that.  So I microwaved the potatoes to par cook them and then cut them into dice sized cubes and then threw them in the oven for the same duration as the chicken.

I cut the chicken into strips because they would take less time to cook.  The recipe suggested I coat the chicken in sour cream and then in the Parmesan bread crumb mixture.  I liked this approach to oven frying.  I have dipped in butter to oven fry chicken but it came out greasy and disappointing.  The sour cream kept the chicken moist.  Next time, I will add some flavoring, like ranch dressing to the sour cream to give it more flavor.

This was the family's least favorite meal.

I would give it a six out of ten.

Overall, would I order Hello Fresh again?  Not really, it is expensive and I can do better in my own in my current situation. I am a SAHM so I have lots of time to figure out meals and shop accordingly.   But I can see a need for this product, especially if I was working.  It would be a godsend to have a box of food, preportioned out for me and my family.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cod en Papillote


Actually it is in aluminum foil but I like to say it in French.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Everyday tomato salad

Or my kids are spoiled.